Stephania Spitale

Strategic Project Manager - Dominican Republic

An engineer in Human Ecology from the National University of Asuncion, she holds a Master’s degree in Environment and Sustainable Development from University College London (UK), for which she was a Chevening Scholar, and in Management of Sustainable Development Goals from LUMSA (Italy). She is currently a local project advisor for the Center for Research, Development and Innovation (CIDI) and an independent researcher for CEAMSO and FIRE Paraguay projects.

His work experience in consultancies and research teams for urban development deals with issues around housing, territorial transformations of riverfronts, social development, as well as urban agroecology. She has developed field research on community empowerment and agroecology projects in several localities in Paraguay; on urban environmental risks in Freetown, Sierra Leone; and has worked in the area of health in the Dominican Republic and Paraguay. She has worked developing methodologies for field data collection, recording, analysis and creation of strategies and projects for non-profit, academic and inter-institutional and international cooperation organizations.