We are dedicated to contributing to the socioeconomic development of Latin America and the Caribbean.

We are a consulting firm that promotes socio-economic development in Latin America and the Caribbean from an interdisciplinary and intersectional perspective.

 We provide consulting and social research services, specializing in the generation of quantitative and qualitative evidence to inform the decision-making of strategic stakeholders.

 Our influence extends regionally, and we have offices in Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, the Dominican Republic and Venezuela.

Our main services

Household surveys

Longitudinal studies and panels

Project evaluation and monitoring

Economic studies

Sociodemographic studies and Diagnoses

Stakeholder and context mapping

Behavioral studies

Some of our clients

Thematic lines that we work on the most


Inclusion in the labor market and financial

Gender, Diversity and Inclusion

Early Childhood, Youth and Adolescence


Infrastructure and Urban Development

Sustainability and environment

Job opportunities

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