Piero Valles-Maravi

Quantitative Research Assistant - Peru

Professional training in Economics and Environmental Management from the Universidad Antonio Ruiz de Montoya (Peru), with diplomas in Statistics and Econometrics Applied to Research from the Colegio de Economistas del Perú. He has expertise in behavioral economics for public policies and design and execution of randomized evaluations. Throughout his career he has acquired experience as a consultant and academic researcher, excelling in data analysis, visualization and modeling, as well as in the design and execution of behavioral micro-interventions.

Currently, he is a Quantitative Research Consultant at Equilibrium SDC, where he is responsible for ensuring data quality in field survey processes (Workflow Automation Design in R). Additionally, he works as a database analyst (ETL) for the implementation of interactive Dashboard and open data system. His experience is complemented by his work as a teaching assistant in the Data Analytics diploma course, where he addresses topics on Supervised Learning, data management and modeling in R.