Nadia Rodríguez

Project Coordinator - Paraguay

Social Worker of the National University of Asuncion (Paraguay), Thesis student for a Master’s Degree in Social Sciences with emphasis in Development and Social Research at the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences (FLACSO PY). Currently Project Coordinator for Paraguay at Equilibrium SDC, she assists in qualitative and quantitative data collection, implementation and monitoring of consultancies, analysis of results and preparation of reports.

She has expertise in the areas of gender, elder care policies, social empowerment and community participation.

With experience in human team management, quantitative and qualitative data collection of vulnerable populations for participatory social diagnostics, she has worked in economic empowerment projects, has designed, executed and supervised the implementation of social management plans in road works, urban development and water and sanitation and has coordinated multidisciplinary teams for projects focused on care for survivors of gender-based violence.