Benjamín Boccia

Quantitative Research consultant

Economist from the National University of Asuncion (Paraguay). Current Economic Consultant at Equilibrium SDC where he is responsible for the formulation and implementation of research projects, as well as the analysis of quantitative data.

Knowledge in database management and analysis, as well as in research related to development economics, public policies and issues related to sustainable finance, poverty reduction and Sustainable Development Goals.

Experience as a research consultant at the Center for Analysis and Dissemination of the Paraguayan Economy (CADEP) with economist Verónica Serafini on issues related to Sustainable Development in the project “Implementation of two concerted and sustainable pilot experiences between civil society, local governments and the private sector, which have a positive impact on the fulfillment of SDGs 1, 2, 10 and 13 in Paraguay”. Consultant in the research on the impact of soybean production on Paraguay’s development, conducted by economist Verónica Serafini. Assistance in the implementation of projects in the Mesa de Finanzas Sostenibles del Paraguay, specifically in the Agroideal Paraguay project. Experience in the private sector in the areas of chargeback analysis and finance in nationally recognized companies.

Research work in the framework of the Final Thesis “Influence of macroeconomic determinants on the achievement of the monetary poverty reduction targets of SDG 1 in Paraguay. Period 1997 – 2020″, in process of publication.

Regional finalist in the global entrepreneurship competition Hult Prize, with the Ogapy initiative, integrating one of the six finalist teams in the regional instance in Quito.