Alejandra Cáceres Salazar

Project Coordinator - Peru

Project Coordinator at Equilibrium SDC, where she is in charge of leading the planning and implementation of consultancies in Peru. In this role, he ensures compliance with agreements and schedules as well as customer relations. It supervises the technical quality of the studies, from the design of the instruments, their application and systematization of the findings, to the analysis of the results and the generation of strategic recommendations. Finally, he is responsible for managing a multidisciplinary team, driving collaboration and ensuring effective synergy to achieve objectives.

Anthropologist, with experience in qualitative research related to sustainable development. Expertise in sustainable value chain development, gender mainstreaming and citizen participation. He also has significant experience in the design of projects with social impact, evaluation and monitoring, as well as in community relations. His academic career includes research in areas such as disaster risk management, crop control and addressing gender-based violence in Peru.